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Father Dubreul built the central portion of the present seminary in 1878: the building was completed by Father Magnien.All that remains from the old days is the sisters house, in which Mother Seton began her work as a Sister of Charity, and the seminary chapel, built in 1806, which long served as a parish church and was regarded in those days as a gem of architecture.They were considered as clergy of the cathedral and are credited with having introduced into the United States some of the dignity and splendour of old-world Catholic worship.

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Ciquard worked among the Indians of Maine ; Levadoux, Dilhet, and Richard among the French and the Indians of Illinois and Michigan.The Sulpicians came to the United States at the very rise of the American Hierarchy.When the French Revolution was threatening to involve them in the impending ruin of the Church the superior-general, Father Emery, looking for a place of refuge abroad, was meditating an establishment at Gallipolis, a French settlement on the Ohio ; but the papal nuncio at Paris, Cardinal Dugnani, made the happier suggestion of Baltimore, which had just been erected into the first American see.He was the close friend and trusted adviser of Cardinal Gibbons, who said of him some time after his death: "I had been so much accustomed to consult the venerable Abbé on important questions, and to lean upon him in every emergency, that . The largest of our American seminaries, and national in its scope, it draws its students from every quarter of the country.

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It has always taken a leading part in the seminary conferences of the Catholic Educational Association.

The almost hopeless condition may be judged from the fact that during each of the first three years there were only five students and in the next year, 1794, only two, nearly all of whom were from Europe ; from 1795 to 1797 there were none at all.