Liquidating vinyl sheds

23-Aug-2017 19:07

Pine, spruce and fir must be painted or sealed to make them durable.

The styles include both horizontal siding and vertical siding.

Finally, if the cost of the siding and ongoing maintenance fits your budget, then wood and cedar siding is a legitimate option for your home.

The main reason most people choose cedar or some other type of wood siding is its natural beauty.

The most popular dimensions for both horizontal and vertical siding are 1×6, 1×8, 1×10 and 1×12.

The wood might also be graded according to the absence or presence of knots in the wood.

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This wood and cedar siding price guide includes general information, strengths and weaknesses of wood, and price examples.

You’ll see phrases such as “clear” which means free of knots, “select tight knot” (STK) which means it contains some small knots that give the wood character, “grade B” which means just a few larger knots.

Of course, knotty pine is full of knots, a feature that gives it the desired appearance. For top-grade cedar and redwood siding, your price will be -.50 per square foot or 0-0 per square.

Cedar has a heavy wood grain pattern while other wood species have unique looks of their own.

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Most wood species take stain and sealant quite well.

For example, Western Redwood is easier and less expensive to obtain in the West. The main reason homeowners stay away from wood and cedar siding is the relatively high maintenance required over the years.