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Alice Bot is an artificial intelligence project which interprets words of a language and responds with as intelligent a response as it can manage. Allie's purpose is to help teens with information and support for any personal concern they may have.An Artificially Intelligent chatbot that tries to effectively react to the user input. She knows a lot about emotions and in addition to her own content, she guides teens to some of the best information and support sites on the internet.Sophie is also happy to chat with people she meets on the internet.Yhaken was our first attempt to build a conversational system that's truly conversational. The most formalized Turing Test is the Loebner Prize contest, which Anna finished seventh in 2002. NET Framework, uses text-to-speech, speech recognition, vision with a webcam, has programmable calendar tasks, customizable commands, the A. is now more than a neural network - it is a "reasoning network", more of a fully simulated central nervous system with components like a Hippocampus, Lateral Geniculate Nucleus, or Putamen, settings such as Dopamine levels, and injectors to temporarily expose the A. Anna is a chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test - having a human judge incapable of telling that the bot they are chatting to is not human.This project is complete as far as I'm concerned, and I have no intention to upgrade Adam anytime soon to a more 'realisitic' AI. Wallace's famous ALICE program, which won the Loebner Prize Contest for "most human computer" for the third time in 2004 and was also the 2004 Chatterbox Challenge Champion. The Ainebot chat 'engine' has its' roots in the A. She has a strong will of her own and she can surely make that clear to the one she is chatting to. Alice Talker is a Swing-based Java client application which enables the user to interact via spoken words and synthesized speech with an Alice Bot or Anna Bot (or any similar bot with a HTTP interface) server running on the same or a remote machine.Ailysse is a chatbot, an artificial intelligence program you can talk with just as you would with another person. Ailysse chats, tells jokes, plays games, and can answer some of your questions about A. She also has own interests and opinions regarding movies, books, science, politics and every day life. It uses Cloudgarden's implementation of Sun's Java Speech API. The responses are more or less relevant to the user input depending upon the context, memorization of ALIMbot and other logical interpretations made by it.

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Get Abby doesn't just solve a problem, we study it, analyze the data and revolutionize your communication process. Most existing chatbots use a database of files written in the AIML language.

Chat Bot is a fast chat robot/automatic autoresponder.

You can use it, fo example on FAQ pages with a large amount of questions/answers.

Behind the scenes, they feature very advanced artificial intelligence.

BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student.

Allie is a Pandorabot and her job is being the Virtual Assistant for the Digalator Teen smartphone app.

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