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Why not try cutting back to three times a week, or even once a day, and see if you enjoy sex more?When you say that one should be able to masturbate for about 5-10 minutes, should I be feeling the orgasmic feeling all that time?Semen is white when it comes out but then turns clear. I'm 44 and I have been masturbating since I was 12 or so. It's very normal to like to masturbate and even to think about sex all the time, but masturbating two to three times a day is extremely high for your age.I'm so excited about masturbating 2 to 3 times a day. I find it so hard not to think about sex all the time! (For any age.) Some guys masturbate a lot and say it doesn't affect their sex lives, but I find it hard to believe that sex with your girlfriend is as good as it could be when you're masturbating so often.Then today I did the same thing but nothing happened. (age 12 It's not unusual that you can't ejaculate every time when you're just starting. I think that for my age (14) I'm normal at everything but I want to take more time masturbating.You just need to develop more and get more practice. The sperm, no, but you need the seminal fluid the sperm are carried in. If I ejaculate in five minutes, how can I make it take six or seven minutes? The trick to lasting longer is to change your focus when you feel that orgasm is imminent so that you can keep your erection but don't have the orgasm.You'll have to be satisfied with the 5-7 ml that comes out of you.

I'm 13 and I have been masturbating for a few months now, but I have never produced any semen. I sometimes use soap and water in the shower, but I don't feel the same orgasm I normally do. (Age 17) I think most guys would say they enjoy masturbating the most when they can lie down and relax afterward. Your semen might be clear because at your age you might not be producing all the components of semen yet. It's more likely to be thick and yellowish if you haven't ejaculated in a few days.

I would like to know: I think 15 is too young to be sexually active, so I suggest you wait a while before performing manual intercourse on your girlfriend. When you do it to someone else, it's manual intercourse.) Semen is mostly protein.

There's nothing unhealthy about swallowing your own.

While masturbating I will take my hand off it for a couple of seconds to change a page or to click on a different screen, and during this time it starts to go down, then I put my hand back on it and pull a little then it gets hard again. Distractions are apt to make your erection go soft.

If you drink alcohol does that mean that you'll get your sperm count lowered?Most males get their first serious erections at about the age of 12.